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The History of Salem in 2000 Words (covers settlement to 1996)


Basic Cabin Information (a nice resource for basic cabin information)



When a volunteer is participating in a public activity (such as a school tour or planned activity) we aspire to have our personnel dressed in period correct clothing. Keep in mind that you DO NOT NEED 1800's clothing to be a member of Friends of the Fort. If you do not have such attire and are volunteering at an event:

   1. We have a limited supply of men's and women's clothes that we can loan.

   2. You may wear your own clothes but we request you dress appropriate. Please

        refrain from clothing which has names or logos on it. We do not want you to

        be modern.


Keep in mind as you research clothing, we represent the western Virginia frontier. Our people were frontiersmen and dressed as commoners.


CLOTHING VENDORS  (common vendors our members have used)

              Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.

              Panther Primitive -




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