Fort New Salem Foundation, Inc. will assist Fort New Salem in preserving and advancing the educational, historical, cultural and social aspects of Nineteenth Century West(ern) Virginia.






Volunteer Events

Throughout the year, Fort New Salem welcomes the public to participate in volunteer work days. These workdays are a time when significant amounts of work are accomplished. If your group or organization would like to pitch in and participate, please contact us today.

Recent work day participants include Dominion, The Salem Volunteer Fire Department, West Union Bank, Miracle Meadows, Energy Express, Upward Bound and Boy Scout Troop 40.

Our next scheduled work days are: 

Saturday April 13   9 - 1 

Sunday   April 14   1 - 5


These dates are subject to change and weather dependent.  Please check back for changes. You may also follow us on twitter for notifications about any changes and the Fort in general.

Weather permitting, the work will begin at the scheduled time. Material and tools will be provided by the foundation. Call or e-mail if you have any questions.


Skilled Labor Needed


Much of the work needed at Fort New Salem requires only general labor. With minimal instruction, anyone can do the job! However, there is a need for volunteers with certain technical skill sets. Some of the help we need includes:




Obtaining volunteer or in-kind services allows us to maximize our spending and focus our budget on major projects. If you would like to give back to your community and, at the same time, help preserve our history, please consider volunteering with us!


Fort New Salem Foundation, Inc.    PO Box 186 Salem, WV 26426

Executive Director      304-695-2220