About the Foundation

Fort New Salem is a representative frontier log house settlement of nineteenth-century North Central West(ern) Virginia/West Virginia. The village of 17 relocated log structures opened in 1974 to the public, was created as an extension of the Salem College campus. Since December 2005, Fort New Salem has been under the private ownership of the Fort New Salem Foundation, Inc. Our foundation is a 501C3 non profit. As the owner and operator of this living history outdoor museum interpreting the history, crafts and lifestyles of the area. The settlement is surrounded by tree covered hills and takes its visitors into another lifetime when work and leisure activities reflected the values and traditions of the community and the Appalachian culture of her people. Historically, among the numerous seasonal activities held at the fort is “The Spirit of Christmas in the Mountains”. This nationally recognized event is a joyous celebration of the traditional folkways found in observance of Christmas in West Virginia. Fort New Salem is currently closed on a day to day basis but hosts numerous tours and special events annually. “The Storehouse – The museum store at Fort New Salem traditionally features West Virginia Arts, fine and folk art and museum reproductions.