Fort New Salem features a campus of over 8 acres of land and includes 17 relocated log structures: 2 gardens and two pavilions.  This page is being developed along with the deployment of on campus QR codes for each structure so that our guests can have access to information about our venue.

CABINS    (check back for links as they are deployed)


Bennett Cabin (currently under construction)

Blacksmith Shop

Block House

Deliala’s Cabin

Farm House

Green Tree Tavern

Jonathan Bee Cabin

Mcintyre House

Meeting House

Old Admin Building

Old Kitchen

Print Shop

Reynolds House (currently being restored and is not open to the public)

Tinsmith Shop

Waldo Run

Weavers Cabin


Apothecary Garden

Dye Garden


We currently have two small pavilions and have broken ground for a new one which will house our Bee Hive Oven.


American Chestnut Partnership