Shown are two saplings planed in the fall of 2023.        

Fort New Salem is honored to be selected as a partner site for planting Hybrid American Chestnut Trees with the West Virginia chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF).

In the first half of the 1900s, a blight from imported Asian Chestnut trees infected and killed 100% of the American chestnut trees. The Pioneers of Appalachia used the American chestnut tree extensively for their homes, barns, fencing, food and livestock forage. The American Chestnut of the 1800s grew to over six feet in diameter and over 120 feet tall. Fortunately, the American Chestnut still grows from roots unaffected by the blight but the trees themselves succumb to the blight and die before reaching maturity. TACF endeavors to restore the American chestnut back to our native forest by creating and planting back cross hybrid trees. Hybrid American Chinese back cross saplings are approximately 80% American chestnut and have improved resistance to the blight. The plantings are the result of an ongoing 40 plus year intensive breeding program by TACF.

We are pleased to have American Chestnuts planted on our campus. If you are interested to join the effort to restore this important tree to our forest you can contact TACF by visiting or calling 828-281-0047.