This apothecary garden surrounds the Apothecary on three sides and was developed and maintained by the WVU Extension Master Gardeners Association, Harrison County Chapter.

Before there were pharmaceutical companies, the Apothecary Shops existed as the colonial “drug store.” Back in the day, remedies were grown and made from plants. Perhaps you needed peppermint to soothe an upset stomach or aloe for a sunburn?

Here is a fun fact… In February 1821, 68 apothecaries met in Philadelphia’s Carpenters’ Hall to establish improved scientific standards and to develop programs to train more competent apprentices and students. It was the birth of the pharmaceutical industry.

The items grown in an apothecary garden would have been harvested to develop items for the local apothecary, which was the precursor to pharmacies. We use these items to demonstrate life in colonial times. Please note the items in our garden are NOT for human consumption.