The Green Tree Tavern was donated by Mr. & Mrs. William Kester and the original restoration was financed by Robert Williams. It was originally the John Righter home and also known as the Cyrus Ross Home that was part of a 2000 acre farm in the 1790’s. The building stood on Saltwell Road in Harrison County near Interstate 79. The building is a v-notch construction unlike most of the other Fort buildings that used a dove tailed notch.

The Green Tree Tavern is named after an early 19th century tavern in Clarksburg, VA owned by D. Hewes. The original Green Tree Inn was destroyed by fire.

This signature building (our logo includes a sketch of it) has an interesting historical connection to the area. It was once the   center of activities at our village serving food and refreshments. Due to its size and height (2 ½ stories), much of the work needing done will be beyond the scope of volunteers. Each floor is 19 x 16 feet. The recommendation by professional log cabin builders is that this one be tagged, disassembled and reconstructed. The estimated cost is $150,000. This beautiful structure is currently closed to public use.  While the Green Tree Tavern was the front gathering place, a Keeping Room annex housed additional dinning space and a kitchen. Those structures were removed in preparation for the eventual renovation of the Green Tree.

In 2024, we started our PRESERVE APPALACHIA campaign to restore this important structure to her glory and how you can help. We have a limited-edition printing on the Declaration of Independence that was hand set and printed on the Fort New Salem press available for $200. Proceeds go to the campaign. We have only 7 of this production remaining and the proceeds are dedicated to the restoration of this iconic structure.


Donations can be made directly to us or on our GoFundMe page.