Name of Structure: The Tinsmith Shop
Original Location: Hurst – Lewis County
Donated By: Orris Reed
Foundation Stone Cut and Dressed By: Lafayette Marion Reed
Additional Hand-cut Foundation Stone Donated By: Marie Spray Cole and Edmund Cole
Restoration Sponsor: West Union Bank

The home the Tin Shop was derived from was a one room home with a sleeping loft and a fireplace in the center back known as the “Waggoner House.” This building was rehabilitated in 2006, and it was restored and re-opened in 2010. The porch was completely replaced in 2022.

A tinsmith was useful to the community in many ways. He would travel several months out of the year selling the wares he had made and also “tinker” or med pots and pans.

Tinsmithing was a recognized industry in the early 19th century in the New England area. Tinsmiths to the West Virginia area at that time were most likely from New England or Southern Virginia.

Fort New Salem is not always lucky enough to have a “tinker” or tinsmith on hand, but many of the items that can be replicated are on display throughout the Fort and are for sale in our store house.

The content of this page was developed by information provided to and written by David Huffman, 2023 Intern Fairmont State University.