Name of Structure: Waldo Run Cabin

Original Location: Waldo Run – Doddridge County

Donated By: Juanita Heath and family

Labor Donated By: The Sinclair Family, the Pruntytown Correctional Facility Good Neighbor Crew

Original Sponsor: Dominion Foundation, David H. Johnson

At its original location, this cabin was constructed in the late 1800’s. The Waldo Run Cabin was a feature project for 2011-2013, involving relocation, reconstruction, and reopening, and it was completed in August 2013. The Waldo Run Cabin received new lighting in 2019.

This cabin is used as the home for our potter, and it includes a pottery wheel. It also includes a stone fireplace and a sleeping loft, and a brick patio spans between this structure and the adjacent Weavers Cabin.

Pottery is one of the most important primitive industries of the mountains. West Virginia has a quantity of good clay which has A quantity of good clay which has, in the past, supplied many local potters. Files and techniques found here are often unique.

This structure was located about one up Waldo Run and adjacent to a mainly dry creek.  It is to be noted that when we disassembled and relocated this structure to our campus the chinking and daubing material was clay from the Creek bed.

The content of this page was developed by information provided to and written by David Huffman, 2023 Intern Fairmont State University.